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By BIC Recruiting / May 3, 2018

A marketing director knows how to harvest low hanging fruit

Are you so busy trying to generate new leads that you have left the low hanging fruit dangling and ready for expiration? It is easy to get caught up on...

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By BIC Recruiting / May 3, 2018

BIC Recruiting celebrates 19 years of placements

BIC Recruiting, a division of BIC Alliance, is a full-service placement firm with over 19 years of experience providing employment solutions to its clients and candidates in the energy industry.

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By BIC Recruiting / May 1, 2018

Executive profile: Ray Granda of Industrial Alloy Fabrication

As general manager of Industrial Alloy Fabrication (IAF), Ray Granda sees big things on the horizon for his company. BIC Magazine recently visited with Granda to learn more about his...

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By BIC Recruiting / April 26, 2018

VIP® program addresses worker shortage, helps returning vets

The Veterans in Piping® (VIP®) program is an award-winning program that offers high-quality skills training and jobs in the pipe trades industry to active-duty military personnel preparing to leave the service.

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By BIC Recruiting / April 24, 2018

Why do some businesses perform better than others?

In business today, leaders are looking for the magic formula to drive the success of their businesses.

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