Mobile Mini Tank + Pump Solutions provides industry-leading equipment and top-notch customer service. Customers trust Mobile Mini to provide premier tank, pump and filtration equipment across the country. When the company needed to add a regional manager, it turned to BIC Recruiting to fill this position. BIC Recruiting was able to match Mobile Mini with Gary Orsak.Unknown Object

BIC Recruiting visits with Mobile-Mini

Gary Orsak, third from left, is welcomed to Mobile Mini Tank+Pump Solutions by, from left, Hazel Kassu of BIC Recruiting, Eric John and Patrick Gillis of Mobile Mini, and Melissa Wolkenhauer of BIC Alliance.

“I was very impressed with the quality of candidates BIC Recruiting presented to us and how thorough they were during the entire hiring process,” said Mobile Mini’s Director of Operations Eric John. “Gary is someone who has a lot of industry experience, and he will be a valuable part of our team. BIC Recruiting knows how to find a candidate who will be successful with the company that’s hiring, and that isn’t always an easy thing to do. Kudos to BIC Recruiting.”

Before he reached out to BIC Recruiting, Orsak attempted to network on his own, but he had trouble finding high-quality positions.

“I was looking for a company that was large but still had that ‘small company feel’ to it,” Orsak explained. “BIC Recruiting is a tremendous resource to use. They have an extensive network of contacts and leads regarding job openings.”

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