BIC Recruiting came about when an executive asked BIC Alliance Founder and CEO Earl Heard to help him find an experienced sales professional. Initially, Heard thought the company wanted an industrial ad in the “help wanted” section of BIC Magazine. When Heard began describing his idea for the ad, the executive told him, “Earl, with your experience, contacts and influence, we want to use you as our recruiting firm.” And just like that, BIC Recruiting was born!

BIC Recruiting, a division of BIC Alliance, is a full-service placement firm with over 18 years of experience providing employment solutions to its clients and candidates in the energy industry. Today, BIC Recruiting is used by more than 80 companies and has helped place many employees in C-level executive roles, managerial and sales positions. Its mission is to help build companies and improve their bottom lines while helping candidates reach their goals and improve their lives. This truly is the “why” behind what BIC Recruiting does, and it values the relationships built along the way.

BIC Recruiting started out placing sales and sales management professionals, taking advantage of its relationships through BIC Magazine and BIC Alliance’s industry networking. Since then, BIC Recruiting has expanded geographically and its skill sets, placing candidates nationwide in the following roles: business development, sales management, operations and engineering management, C-Level executive roles, safety management, HR management and accounting management. Sales and sales management continue to make up approximately 50 percent of the roles BIC Recruiting fills each year.

What differentiates BIC Recruiting?

BIC Recruiting’s people make it different from the rest. BIC’s recruiters understand the uniqueness of each client’s needs, and its goal is to place candidates who not only meet those needs but will also grow with the company. Through in-depth discussions with both the client and the candidate, BIC Recruiting ensures a strong fit with the company’s culture.

The second major differentiating factor is BIC Recruiting’s extensive network of more than 32,000 contacts through BIC Alliance. This allows BIC Recruiting to find the best candidate for the position. As a result of this, more than half of BIC Recruiting’s placements come from direct referrals. This is a major differentiating factor in using BIC Recruiting’s services.

As BIC Recruiting celebrates 18 years of service to the energy industry and looks forward to many more, BIC Recruiting would like to say a heartfelt “thank you” to its clients, candidates and industry contacts.

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