Recently, BIC Recruiting participated in The PRIME Expo in Pasadena, Texas. With over 1,200 attendees, The PRIME Expo was a great place to reconnect with numerous previous placements and clients, as well as meet with current hiring parties.

BIC Recruiting is a full-service placement firm with 20 years of experience providing executive search solutions to the energy industry. A subsidiary of BIC Alliance, BIC Recruiting directly supports its parent company’s mission: connecting people in business and industry with one another for the betterment of all.

lisa tyree with job industrial services and saraPictured from left: Lisa Tyree with Job Industrial Services and Sara Bonvillian, Kristin Skendziel and Alyssa Hinte with BIC Recruiting talk recruiting at the Job Industrial booth during The PRIME Expo.

sara bonvillian with bic recruitingPictured from left: Sara Bonvillian with BIC Recruiting, Tina Tucker and Jamie Holt of Ohmstede, Alyssa Hinte of BIC Recruiting and Buddy Tucker with Ohmstede stop to say hello at the Ohmstede tent.

pictured from left: toni rosario with bic recruitingPictured from left: Toni Rosario with BIC Recruiting stop and chat with Rick Mobley and Hannah Walker with International Cooling Tower.
pictured from left are aaron lefleur
Pictured from left are Aaron LeFleur, Kevin Philips, Jordan Narramore and Juston Miears with Scaffsource, a recent placement by BIC Recruiting.
pictured from left are recently-placed
Pictured from left are recently-placed BIC Recruiting candidate Shailendra Seecharan with Enerquip and Toni Rosario with BIC Recruiting, as they catch up during The PRIME Expo.


pictured from left: kristin skendziel of bic recruitingPictured from left: Kristin Skendziel of BIC Recruiting, David Aimaguer and Aris Adame with Straight Line Industrial Services, Sara Bonvillian of BIC Recruiting and Matt Jenney with Straight Line Industrial Services.
pictured from left: david tran and clint palermoPictured from left: David Tran and Clint Palermo with Optelos, Paul Tyree with Mitchell Capital and Toni Rosario with BIC Recruiting catch up during The PRIME Expo.