Tina Dean, director of business development, Bilfinger

When Bilfinger, an international industrial services provider, sought to hire a director of business development, the company looked to BIC Recruiting, and Tina Dean was hired.

When asked what motivated her to turn to BIC for her employment needs, Dean expressed that she sought a team that embodied professionalism and integrity, traits with which she associates success. She also praised BIC’s “authentic attitude of service and a sincere desire to help.” As for recommending BIC Recruiting to colleagues, she stated, “Talk to Hazel Kassu or a BIC team member. They have solid industry connections, they are professional, they listen, and they succeed.”

Jason Landry, senior vice president of business development for Bilfinger, voiced a similar impression. “BIC Recruiting is an excellent recruiting company that always takes the time to get to know both the hiring company and the candidates,” Landry said. “They put forth a considerable effort to match the desires and skills of both parties to ensure it’s a proper match in every regard. I highly recommend using BIC for all your recruiting needs. They make this process so much easier for everyone involved.”