BIC’s Thomas Brinsko, left, stands with new PBI CFO Robert Cossick, center, and Owner and President Bryson Hancock.

When PBI International recently found itself in need of a new CFO, the company sought out BIC Recruiting for help. As a result, Robert Cossick was hired. Bryson Hancock, owner and president at PBI International, heard of BIC’s reputation — and was not disappointed.

“I was actually referred to BIC by a colleague after I expressed my frustration in finding qualified candidates for my CFO,” Hancock said. “After an initial consultation with a couple of BIC Recruiting’s representatives, the interview process started quickly. It wasn’t just one candidate provided; we had a nice selection of qualified folks to interview and choose from. I was very impressed by BIC, and I’ve already expanded our partnership with other searches and a marketing campaign.”

When seeking new employment, Cossick had a similar testimony regarding BIC Recruiting’s reputation. “BIC’s reputation and knowledge of the industry afforded a strong match between my background and their clients’ needs,” said Cossick. “The interview process was very well managed and flexible. BIC matched my personality and background with the client’s needs and vice versa; I prefer start-ups and distressed company turnarounds coupled with a strong mindset toward operations, and that is what I found. BIC listens and responds accordingly.

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