CARBER® is a privately owned, global specialty industrial service company based in Houston. CARBER’s services increase safety, decrease downtime, reduce environmental impact and provide cost savings. With the help of BIC Recruiting’s placement services, CARBER has added Kenny Rodgers, who will be responsible for offshore sales, and Cody Adams, the company’s new business development manager.

“BIC Recruiting’s Deborah Anderson helped us find the ideal candidates for these positions,” said Tony Raleigh, director of sales for CARBER. “Both of them bring a wealth of experience to CARBER. We wouldn’t have been able to find Kenny and Cody if it wasn’t for BIC Recruiting.”

Rodgers was searching for a more diversified company, and BIC’s recruiter helped him find it.

“My BIC recruiter, Deborah Anderson, was very professional, informative and kept me updated,” Rodgers said. “I would highly recommend BIC Recruiting. It is the only recruiting firm I’ve dealt with that has actually delivered.”

Adams stated he loved the simplicity of BIC Recruiting’s process.

“Deborah put so many options out there for me to choose from, and that was the best part,” Adams said. “BIC Recruiting wanted me to succeed like I was a family member and not just a job or a number.”

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