Century Elevators is a full-service provider of industrial elevators, construction hoists, transport platforms and material lifts. When the company was looking for a new regional sales manager, it turned to BIC Recruiting. Ryan Kunefke was selected for the position.

“BIC Recruiting provided a focused, narrow range of candidates based in the Gulf Coast industrial marketplace,” said Kevin Lavorgna, vice president of Century Elevators. “They provided a number of qualified individuals, and it was actually difficult in the end to make a decision — a good problem to have! The process was easy and well managed.”

Company culture was extremely important to Kunefke, and it was the main reason why he chose Century Elevators.

“I believe BIC Recruiting really took the time to get to know me personally and understand my résumé,” Kunefke said. “I felt like I was dealing with a friend rather than a recruiting agency. I have listed with many recruiting agencies during my professional career, but BIC was by far the best.

“I highly recommend BIC Recruiting because of the personalization, quality of job listings, honesty in what jobs an individual would excel at, constant communication, thoroughness, industry reach, networking events, professionalism and superb staff.”

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