BIC Recruiting helps PSS Industrial Group with a new hire job placement.

Martin Reyna, PSS Industrial Group

Based in Houston, PSS Industrial Group is a leading value-added distributor of supplies, equipment and material handling solutions to the oil and gas industry. With the help of BIC Recruiting, PSS was recently able to add Martin Reyna to its team as a safety and industrial sales representative.

“I knew that I wanted to work for an oil and gas distribution company that values experience,” Reyna said. “BIC Recruiting’s Sam Puente got me set up with a phone interview with the decision maker very quickly – no time was wasted. Puente’s quick follow-up and feedback were critical in the decision-making process for me, as I feel strongly that the employee and the employer hire each other. He never left me hanging on where we stood in the interview and hiring process.”

Sonya Bynum, vice president of operations for PSS, also found a great deal of value in BIC Recruiting’s services.

“BIC Recruiting found a candidate who was perfectly suited to the position,” Bynum said. “If your company needs to fill an open position with a highly qualified professional, look no further than BIC Recruiting. Their team will be sure to help out any way they can.”

For more information on PSS, visit or call (713) 741-8127.