Summit Industrial is a full-service EPC company operating with current licenses and registrations in over 35 states, and a primary focus on the hydrocarbon, chemical and power markets. When Summit Industrial needed assistance filling a key position, the company engaged BIC Recruiting, and Allen Hutcheson was hired as lead estimator.

BIC Recruiting hires for Summit

With the help of BIC Recruiting, Summit Industrial recently hired Allen Hutcheson as lead estimator.

“I decided to turn to BIC Recruiting because of BIC’s good reputation in the Houston area,” Hutcheson said. “I was looking for a company with a forward-thinking approach. BIC Recruiting found a company where my skill set could be utilized, as well as where my personality would be a good fit.

“The interview process was great. We adapted to the COVID-19 situation with phone interviews and an in-person interview in an open-air setting.”

Summit Industrial COO Josh Johnson shared how BIC Recruiting has helped him find quality candidates.

“BIC Recruiting has been a great tool for our diverse needs because of BIC’s connections in the industry and name recognition. We looked for talent in a lot of places, but BIC Recruiting provided the best,” he said. “BIC Recruiting found solid, genuine human beings.”

“We’re a very young company with an entrepreneurial mindset,” added Jordan Dombart, vice president – operations, Summit Industrial. “The individuals BIC Recruiting has introduced us to have solid skillsets.”

For more information on Summit Industrial, visit or call (281) 941-4541.