BIC Recruiting with a SWAT job placement.

SWAT President Johnny Holifield, left, welcomes Andy Restrepo to his new role as SWAT’s vice president of sales and marketing.

When Specialty Welding and Turnarounds (SWAT) needed to fill the role of vice president of sales and marketing, it turned to BIC Recruiting, and Andy Restrepo was hired for the role.

According to Restrepo, BIC Recruiting was the natural choice for assisting in his job search, thanks to its strong organizational relationships within the energy industry.

“BIC Recruiting is a valuable partner to help identify an organization that best fits a person’s criteria for company culture, role, geography and career goals,” Restrepo said. “I wanted to partner with an organization with a strong team mentality, along with a hunger for innovation, strategy and value.

“The process was very upfront and informative, and it moved very quickly. BIC Recruiting was very transparent and communicated clearly throughout the entire process.”

SWAT President Johnny Holifield also shared words of praise for BIC Recruiting, citing the top-tier quality of the candidates it presented.

“BIC Recruiting has done an amazing job,” Holifield said. “Originally, I was opposed to using recruiting services and did all hiring in-house, but the candidates BIC Recruiting sent were unbelievable. We couldn’t have found them ourselves. I’m now a big believer in all of BIC’s services.”

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