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By BIC Recruiting / February 22, 2018

Get out of your comfort zone

Human nature drives us to avoid situations that feel scary; fear and anxiety overwhelm and we hunker down, looking for relief from uncomfortable feelings. Yet, to reach our full potential,...

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By BIC Recruiting / February 20, 2018

Sales & Marketing Profile: Dan Pittman Of Lifting Gear Hire

Dan Pittman joined Lifting Gear Hire (LGH) 15 years ago and hasn't looked back since. Today, he serves as the company's business sales manager. BIC Magazine recently sat down with Pittman to learn more about the importance of continually improving yourself, creating trust with customers and maintaining a healthy work/home life.

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By BIC Recruiting / February 15, 2018

A conversation with Todd Robinson of JV Driver

Robinson is now president of JV Driver in the U.S. and calls Houston his home. BIC Magazine recently sat down with Robinson to learn more about his experience...

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By BIC Recruiting / February 13, 2018

LyondellBasell’s Foley shares insights as a female leader

The Channelview, Texas, site managed by Kim Foley is not only LyondellBasell's largest manufacturing facility, but also the location of the company's most significant capital investment project to date.

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By BIC Recruiting / February 8, 2018

Anh-Thy Tran to make Bayport Lubrizol’s ‘Premier manufacturing site’

As the plant manager of the Lubrizol Bayport facility since July 2016, Anh-Thy Tran aims to ensure safe, reliable and responsible operations to produce and deliver lubricant additives at targeted cost and quality.

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