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By BIC Recruiting / January 16, 2018

Professionalism: 10 ‘do’s’ for today’s work environment

Here are 10 "do's" for professional behavior on the job that are consistently mentioned in current research and can impact your overall job performance, as well as career advancement.

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By BIC Recruiting / January 9, 2018

A conversation with Jay Schwall of Louisiana Chemical Dismantling Co.

President Jay Schwall of Louisiana Chemical Dismantling Co. (LCDC) has been in the world of demolition since he was a boy, working alongside his father and later independently.

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By BIC Recruiting / December 19, 2017

A conversation with Jared Williams of Hemco Industries

Hemco Industries Director of Marketing Jared Williams’ expertise is in graphic design, but he decided early on he wanted to broaden his marketing skills. Now he performs every aspect of marketing for Hemco.

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By BIC Recruiting / December 12, 2017

What makes a great manager?

There are many attributes and qualities that can be assigned to good managers, such as being a decent listener, accountable, organized, motivating and honest and having a positive outlook on life. While these are all important, they are the minimum requirements of good management.

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By BIC Recruiting / December 1, 2017

Preparing for success: Be a servant!

Choose a mentor carefully, and then be proactive in encouraging them to delegate all the work they possibly can to you, teaching you to complete the tasks along the way. In exchange, you will learn your trade correctly and, additionally, when your mentor climbs the ladder of success based in part on your work, he or she will pull you up the ladder behind them.

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