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Job Seeker Portal

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Résumé writing tips

While there’s no one style that fits everyone, there are certain things that are critical to highlight on your résumé.

Download sample résumé

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Job Interview Success Checklist

Succeeding at job interviews and getting the job you want depends, in large part, on your having the right approach. You need a well-thought-out, coherent strategy that will guide your behavior at interviews, no matter what type of interview you are facing.

Interview preparation worksheet

Reviewing your professional achievements – Start with your most recent employer and focus on the issues that will relate to this position.

Interview advice: How to prepare for and ace your interview

You’ve applied to job openings, fine-tuned your résumé, and now you’ve landed an interview with your ideal company. What is the best way to prepare so you can make the best impression on the hiring manager?

The importance of intangibles in hiring

When it comes to growing your business, the right people make all the difference. Ether you’re hiring for an executive role or an entry-level position, intangibles such as attitude, work ethic and being a team player…

The thank you note: Struggling to survive

In our digital, mobile age, it is depressing how few people take the time to write a thank you note that can show thoughtfulness, help build relationships, make a lasting impression or give a competitive edge, especially during the job search process.

Coping with the emotions of job loss by investing in others

Losing your job is hard. It’s not just a loss of income but a loss of professional identity, a loss of self-confidence and self-esteem, a loss of purposeful activity, a loss of colleagues, and a loss of security and peace of mind.
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