Bayou City Industrial President Aaron Shermer, left, welcomes Jon Holmes as the company’s new corrosion services project manager.

Bayou City Industrial Contractors recently sought to hire a new project manager to expand its construction offerings in corrosion services. Wanting the best fit for the job, the company turned to BIC Recruiting. As a result, Jon Holmes was hired.

Bayou City President Aaron Shermer stated, “We have a longstanding relationship with the BIC team and have successfully used them for recruiting in the past. After our initial meeting to set our search parameters, there was no other work for us to do regarding the search except review resumes that fit our needs.”

In recommending BIC Recruiting, Shermer said, “BIC can narrow down to exactly what you want and the more specific you are, the less time you’ll spend reviewing resumes and conducting interviews with candidates who are not a perfect match.”

“I was looking for a company with a genuine family mindset toward its employees,” Holmes stated. “Aggressive yet ethical, driven and focused on growth, and functioning as a ‘true collective’ to achieve said growth were all paramount for me.”

Advising any potential jobseekers, Holmes added, “Take a step back and conduct a personal inventory of who you are, where you are in your career and what you want to achieve going forward. Convey that to the recruiters at BIC and have faith in their process.”

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