At first, sourcing the ideal candidate for an available business development position at Cooling Tower Depot presented some challenges. It was decided that it might be worth considering BIC Recruiting for the job.

“We didn’t have much luck finding qualified candidates in the territory,” said Ethan Chestnut, hiring manager at Cooling Tower Depot. “Within a day of signing [with BIC], we were sent a potential candidate that had all of the qualifications we were looking for.”

While Chestnut is adamant that there were many benefits to using BIC for this process, he claims that the biggest benefit lies in its extensive list of industry contacts and being able to match suitable candidates quickly.

Pictured from left are Cole Cannon and Richard Rash with Cooling Tower Depot, Kristin Skendziel with BIC, candidate Stacy Minor, and Chase Garrett and Jay Wester with Cooling Tower Depot.

Cooling Tower Depot’s new hire, Stacy Minor, decided to send her resume to one of the recruiters at BIC; she believes she is now working for a great company.

“I feel that BIC, Cooling Tower Depot and I were always on the same page, and I was updated after each round of interviews and provided with feedback,” said Minor. “No complaints at all.”

Minor’s new responsibilities include developing new business strategies and finding opportunities to help Cooling Tower Depot grow.

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