James Hinojosa, VP of sales with Progressive Pumps and Dustin Vaught, new hire and business development manager with Progressive Pumps

Progressive Pumps, a company with “real people selling to real people” had an immediate need. The company recently sought to hire a new business development manager to fill an open position. David Huff, president of Progressive Pumps, discussed how amazed he was with BIC Recruiting’s help during the hiring process.

“The hire of Dustin Vaught for us was world class,” he recalled. “With his 17 years at the Exxon Beaumont Refinery and two years at a pump distribution company like ours, we were ecstatic.”

BIC Recruiting’s Kristin Skendziel was the key for helping Huff find the perfect hire.

BIC was really great to work with. The team was focused, communicative and found great candidates,” Huff said. “We never would have found Vaught without BIC’s work.”

Huff was so pleased with BIC Recruiting’s assistance that he said, “We will come back to BIC and Kristin for future assignments.”

For over 30 years, Progressive Pumps has been providing pumps, systems and tanks for metering, process and transfer applications. It has developed a core focus on three areas: chemical pumps, air-operated double-diaphragm pumps and water and wastewater pumps.  For more information about Progressive Pumps, visit progressivepumps.com.