Gary Orsak, right, welcomes Allen Pitre
to Mobile Mini Tank + Pump Solutions. BIC
Recruiting helped place Pitre as Mobile Mini’s newest senior branch manager.

Mobile Mini Tank + Pump Solutions is the premier specialty containment solutions provider in the U.S. When the company needed to hire a senior branch manager, it turned to BIC Recruiting. BIC Recruiting helped Mobile Mini match with Allen Pitre, who was hired for the position.

“BIC Recruiting made sure they understood the type of candidate we were looking for, and I really appreciated that,” said Gary Orsak, regional manager of Mobile Mini Tank + Pump Solutions. “BIC Recruiting brought multiple quality candidates to us, and this made the process very efficient. I was actually placed through BIC Recruiting a couple of years ago, so I know what they do works out really well.”

“I have worked with other recruiting companies in the past, but many don’t know the local job market as well as BIC Recruiting,” Pitre said. “I wanted to work for an organization that truly values the people and their development, and BIC Recruiting found that for me. Anyone who’s looking to explore opportunities to grow their career should contact BIC Recruiting as their first step. BIC Recruiting’s experience and interviews will help determine exactly what you’re seeking. They’ll help you explore the opportunities that are available in the job market as well.”

For more information about BIC Recruiting, visit or call (281) 538-9996.

For more information about Mobile Mini, visit or call (888) 284-0614.