Sulzer’s Dan Braud welcomes new project
manager Christopher Rairden.

When Sulzer recently needed to fill a new project manager position, the company sought out BIC Recruiting for help. As a result, Christopher Rairden was hired. Dan Braud, head of turnaround services North America at Sulzer, knew BIC would have the solutions required to fill this role.

“Our BIC contacts throughout the market made it an easy choice when looking for high-performing candidates, and the ease of working with the BIC Recruiting team allowed us to focus on running the business and serving our customers,” Braud said. “The biggest perks were the competency of the team and the simplicity of the process. Hiring an additional project manager with knowledge and experience in our business was critical to continuing the level of customer support and project management competence that we expect from our team.”

When seeking new employment, Rairden had a similar testimony regarding BIC Recruiting’s reputation. “I was very familiar with BIC Magazine and knew that BIC Recruiting would be an ideal firm to find a position within my field,” he said. “They match people with positions expertly. Their diverse pool of clients allows them to selectively hire the right person for the job, both on paper and in a company’s culture; they ensure people are a total fit in a company’s culture rather than just determining if they look good on paper.”

For more information about current job openings available through BIC Recruiting’s services, please see “Hot Jobs” on page 150 of this publication. For more information about Sulzer, visit or call (281) 417-7110.