From left: CCC Group’s Julio Kuchnir stands with BIC Recruiting’s Toni Rosario and Alyssa Hinte, along with new hire Jereme Martin.

When CCC Group sought candidacy for a new general manager of its oil and gas division, BIC Recruiting was expertly able to match them with an ideal candidate, resulting in the hire of Jereme Martin.

CCC Group is a general contractor providing a broad scope of industrial construction, maintenance and fabrication services throughout the U.S. and in select international markets. Many of its personnel are employee-owners of the company; since the initiation of the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) in 2004, more than 2,000 CCC employees have qualified for participation in the program. The company is always looking to add new talent to the team, thereby contributing to CCC’s efforts to always operate according to its motto: “Building with Integrity.”

Business Unit Manager Julio Kuchnir was attracted to BIC Recruiting because of his desire to engage with a team that was familiar with the oil and gas industry.

“The selection of candidates BIC provided was very good,” Kuchnir stated. “The interview process went well; we had a lot of freedom in the process and were able to build a trusting relationship. The biggest perk of using BIC Recruiting was the speed and quality of the operation. One candidate stood out from the rest, making the ordeal even smoother. I would recommend BIC Recruiting. The team is great at filling specialty positions by listening to what the client needs and wants.”

CCC Group was interested in hiring for this position to grow the Houston division and to see it reach its potential.  Jereme Martin, the new general manager of the oil and gas division, also looked to BIC Recruiting to find a new position because of his investment in the oil and gas industry.

“BIC is known for being ‘in the know’ and always staying in front of the hiring scene in the oil and gas industry,” Martin said. “I did have a particular company culture in mind for where I wanted to work: a culture where everyone matters, which is the case at CCC Group.”

According to Martin, the interview process was ideal and felt very natural. “I had no issues at all,” he continued. “I had a broad range of employment opportunities, but this placement seemed the most fitting. To others looking for a new position, talk to and use BIC Recruiting as much as possible during your search.”

Kuchnir explained that positions in the oil and gas field, especially leadership roles which require experience, are key positions being heavily sought after in the evolving oil and gas market, as the industry remains ever prominent in a continuously changing world. This placement also speaks to the increased effort to ensure a resurgence of brownfield projects in the Gulf South.  Furthermore, he said, market demand for this type of job and its associated skillset is strong because of the diminished pool of skilled craft workers across the U.S. This is largely the result of the retirement of large numbers of skilled craft workers over the last few years.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were millions of skilled trade job vacancies in 2022. Similarly, according to the National Association of Business Economics’ annual Business Conditions Survey in 2021, 57% of respondents indicated that there was a shortage of skilled workers in their fourth quarter report.

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