Pictured from left are CHEM Group MPR’s Jeff Bricker, BIC’s Kristin Skendziel and new hire Jerry Hebert.

Over the years, CHEM Group VP of Sales and Marketing Jeff Bricker has had the pleasure of working with several employees of BIC Alliance. Consequently, when the need arose to recruit a technical sales engineer, Bricker instinctively reached out to BIC Recruiting.

“The hiring process was great,” Bricker said. “BIC set up the calls and meetings and we were able to find several candidates quickly. The quality of the resumes was great as well.” Bricker said finding quality candidates in a timely manner was crucial.

“Give BIC Recruiting a shot,” he continued. “I have worked with other recruiting firms and BIC has provided great services. As with all recruiters, there is a significant cost, but when there is a critical role that is time sensitive, they can help.”

Jerry Hebert was placed in the technical sales role.

Hebert stated, “BIC reviewed my resume, making suggestions on updates and was concerned with me being well-prepared for interviews. I was provided with company information on prospects. The would-be employers were briefed on me, what I was looking for and what I had to offer. That was a nice touch”

Hebert has a history in CHEM Group MPR’s type of sales, identifying and providing onsite, offsite and permanent reclamation solutions.