Pictured from left are FlyGuys Drone Services Inside Sales Manager Jeremy Thibodeaux and VP of Sales David Johnson.

Drone service company FlyGuys experienced significant year-over-year growth in 2022. As the company started to scale, VP of Sales David Johnson realized the need and opportunity to add an inside sales and customer success department to serve current and prospective clients better. As a result, Jeremy Thibodeaux was hired as inside sales manager.

“The most significant advantage of working with BIC was the focused and tailored search offered to us,” said Johnson. “It allowed us to begin with a wide search for the most qualified candidate, provided quality resumes and prepared both the interviewer and interviewed candidate with valuable information to make the most of our time meeting together.”

FlyGuys is a nationwide drone services company dedicated to providing high-quality aerial imaging data solutions for clients across various industries. Working within commercial and public sector industries, its mission is to make aerial data accessible and affordable for each client, enabling them to overcome challenges through informed decisions efficiently.

As FlyGuys grows, it is continually committed to providing the highest quality, most dependable data acquisition services in the industry. Companies and industries are rapidly adopting new technologies and services for gathering digital data for their projects. To best serve those companies and more experienced digital data users, Fly-Guys focuses on quickly, easily and effectively communicating

with clients from the earliest stages of opportunity development to execute that plan.

For more information on FlyGuys, visit flyguys.com.